What you do makes a difference.


Mission:  Through collaborative efforts, provides a link between charities and the resources they need to achieve their goals of giving.

VisionAs a non-profit, provides fund raising opportunities, managed services, and coaching for charitable organizations through collaborative efforts aimed at increasing organizational effectiveness and operational outcomes. links charitable organizations with the people and resources they need to achieve their altruistic mission.  Bridging the gap between charitable organizations and corporate social responsibility, connects charitable organizations to volunteerism, increases fund raising opportunities, and managed services through a broad scale of initiatives designed to maximize outcomes at significantly reduced costs. 


"Act like what you do makes a difference. It does!"


Tracy Griffith, RN, CCM, CWC

Founder and Executive Director

Joseph Griffith, PsyD.

Organizational Consultant


Fundraising assistance

Businesses: Let us help you design and execute a fundraiser that will help you raise money for your favorite charity.


We can help you set up individual and group wellness and business coaching for your employees to help improve their health, productivity and engagement!

Linking Charities

We find ways for charities to help each other accomplish both of their missions!

Volunteer Recruitment

Charities: We will find the right volunteers to fit your needs.


  • Brandon, FL, United States


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Two shades of blue wristband has inspiring words: "Act like what you do makes a difference. It does. charity" Wear it proudly!!


What does it mean to give a GRIF? Captain Terence "Grif" Griffiths was more than a great dad. He was also a kind, generous person who made it his mission to help others. He was a leader and a mentor to the students he taught in high school and to the deputies he led as a Captain in the Sheriff's Office. Sadly, he passed away suddenly and shortly following his retirement after serving 22 years in the Sheriff's Office. I am honoring my dad through the "Give a GRIF" campaign. Do something nice for someone (pay it forward, perform a random act of kindness) and leave them a 'Give a GRIF" card. The hope is the recipient will continue the kindness toward someone else, just as you did for them. They will leave the card behind as you did and it will continue...My hope is one day that "Give a GRIF" card and act of kindness will return to you!! To receive your own "Give a GRIF" cards to hand out, go to the 'contact' page and send your request along with your mailing address. Please share your "Give a GRIF" experiences on' Facebook page @whatyoudomakesadifference.

"Give a GRIF"